Updates On Factors In Hospitality Industry

Updates On Factors In Hospitality Industry

The cost of your hotel room largely depends on the dates on which you plan to stay there. Rooms are often priced in accordance with availability. If it's possible, your room should be booked around a day in advance or more. You can often get the best price if you do it this way. If the hotel never rents the room they'll get zero dollars for it, so most of the time they will give you a steep discount on it.

The 2015 hotel-motel tax revenue shows a 12 percent increase over 2014, which reflected a 14 percent increase from 2013. (Source: KTRE Staff) (Source: KTRE Staff) The majority of the hotel-motel tax revenue is placed into advertising. (SourceL KTRE Staff) NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For the second year in a row, Nacogdoches hotel motel tax revenue has increased. This happened despite the temporary closure of the Fredonia Hotel. The 2015 revenue increase has business leaders asking if the hotel motel bust is over. On Wednesday, a room was readied for the next guest at the Nacogdoches Hampton Inn. The preparation happened frequently last year based on just released hotel motel tax revenue figures. Carl Watson, director of the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes the data shows a promising trend.


Arranging business conferences, and executing them is a major task for a hotel receptionist. Situational ethics dictate that the moral path be decided by the context of the issue at hand, rather than have a textbook judgement for everything. Hotel Assistant Manager Job Description When you walk into any hotel or restaurant, what takes you by wonder is a beautifully managed environment, where waiters and other employees go about their duties in a well synchronized manner. No one bothers to wash the lemons and they remain in the box they were purchased in, until going on your plate. Such techniques might also include cutting down the expenditure incurred on travelling by air and luxury hotel accommodations in order to harness the cash flow. Did you know? Violence at the workplace is sure to lead to frustrated employees in turn leading to a decline in their productivity. The fashion industry is a good place to be for a seamstress, where she can work with a design house or a particular designer. They have to maintain confidentiality of any information of the guests and safeguard their belongings. It is probably impossible to imagine where would hotel guests be without the presence of a skilled concierge. It is only when the employees feel safe at work that they can invest the fullest of their capacities and exploit the best of their potentials to work.

In this article, we'll see how the two terms are different from each other. analyse areas where cost cutting can be done. Bed and breakfast accommodation is also a good choice, since most of the day will be spent attending the festivities, in which case you can modify the above information to accommodate hotel bed and breakfast wording in your card. This says a lot about the importance of workplace safety. This will create an environment where employees will report any such incidents in the workplace and will also abide by the safety rules. The Cuban Peso is the official currency of this country. These may include demographic aspects like age distribution, population growth rate, employment and income statistics, education and career trends, religious beliefs and social stigmas, overall general attitude conservative or liberal, etc. Culinary Institute of America CIA was established in the late 1960s in the campus of Yale University, Connecticut. Associate Degree in Business Administration or Marketing.

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